3663 runs one-to-one communications for voluntary benefits scheme

To support the launch of its new voluntary benefits scheme, wholesale food distributor 3663 ran a face-to-face communications programme in March with provider Personal Group to keep its employees informed of the new offerings.

The communications programme took place at 30 sites across the UK, targeting 4,200 staff. Staff were informed through emails and posters.

Site managers received letters directly from Personal Group and attended meetings to prepare them for the communications sessions.

The voluntary benefits scheme includes a benefits booklet and interactive website that details over 5,000 offers and discounts.

It includes deals for high street retailers, holidays and travel, cycle and optical discounts, and a hospital plan that provides staff with overnight stays in hospital and has seen a take up of 50%.

Deb Rankin, reward and benefits manager at 3663, said: “We put in the new benefits programme to give our staff some real value for money offers which would appeal across the broad spectrum of roles within our workplace.

“We wanted to offer as much help as we could to our team members both as a thank you, and to support them through the challenging time we have all experienced in our economy.”

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