Workplace environment has an impact on staff satisfaction

The physical environment of the workplace has a positive impact on levels of staff satisfaction, according to a survey conducted by Chiswick Park.

The West London office park, which houses the European headquarters of Starbucks, Paramount, Discovery, Foxtons and Setanta, surveyed more than 1,000 employees from 25 different organisations.

The survey revealed that 85% of respondents believe that the physical environment of the park adds a significant value to their work life. Other vital value-added services include events at 95%, sports at 80% and community programmes at 85%.

Henry Williams, director at Stanhope, the developers of the park and the Enjoy-Work programme, said: “We spend as much time in the office with our colleagues as we do at home with our family, so creating a workplace where employees feel happy and motivated to perform well is vital. The whole concept behind Chiswick Park is that if people enjoy work they do better work and if they do better work you have a better business.

“As this survey demonstrates, the physical aspect of the workplace – the office buildings and surrounding environment – have a major influence on an employee’s wellbeing, and consequently levels of performance.”

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