Three employers awarded payroll quality accolade

Irish business process outsourcing and IT service provider Equiniti ICS and car dealer group Listers Group have been awarded a Payroll Quality Partnership (PQP) accreditation by the Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP).

Payroll service provider ADP has also been re-accredited two years after being the first organisation to achieve the payroll quality standard in 2008.

The award recognises organisations that apply best practice in payroll professional development as well as demonstrating they have met stringent criteria set out by the IPP in order to provide a compliant and efficient payroll service.

The PQP accreditation is part of the IPP’s ongoing goal to uphold the highest standards in the payroll industry, with 14 accredited organisations so far and more than 60 companies engaged to the scheme.

Liz Lay, associate director of learning and development at the IPP, said: “The institute is working hard in raising the profile of the payroll profession and it is through organisations such as Equiniti ICS and Listers Group demonstrating their commitment to best practice in payroll and professional development that this becomes possible.

“When ADP became the first organisation to obtain PQP accreditation a couple years ago, we were impressed by its dedication to the ongoing professional development of its payroll department and the service provided to its customers. We would like to commend ADP for continuing to invest in its staff – the re-accreditation is well-deserved.”

Marianne Hendron, training and quality officer at Equiniti ICS, said: “We are delighted to have been recognised for the importance we place on staff development. We want our employees to see payroll as a profession and not just a job, and to give our clients confidence in the level of service we provide. To that end, this accreditation builds on the professional IPP qualifications we put staff through and, of course, we will continue to develop the excellent approach established by the PQP standard.”

Damien Bridge, marketing director at Listers Group, added: “Our payroll staff are proud to have been awarded the prestigious PQP accreditation from the IPP. The achievement marks their hard work, dedication and outstanding effort which has helped the department gain much great recognition from around the organisation.”

Meanwhile, Eleanor Harrison, training and development manager at ADP, said: “ADP is extremely proud to have been re-accredited with the IPP’s PQP award. The re-accreditation demonstrates our ongoing commitment to both our staff and clients, and our continual drive for best practice.

“Professional development of our staff is key to the delivery of a professional and quality service and the PQP offers a public framework in which to reinforce our drive for service excellence.”

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