T-Mobile connects drivers with greener, safer cars

T-Mobile has revamped its fleet to improve car safety for drivers and reduce CO2 emissions.

The mobile phone network provider has increased the number of smaller, more environmentally friendly cars available to staff through its company car scheme.

Models now available include the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mini Cooper.

In its efforts to improve employee safety, T-Mobile has also reduced the leasing period on some of its cars from four years to two or three, so staff can change to a newer car more frequently.

Employees who receive cash allowances have also been encouraged to take up company cars to give T-Mobile more control over the maintenance and safety of their vehicles. It has set up an arrangement that enables staff who bought their own cars with a cash allowance to sell them to the provider of its company car scheme, Leasedrive Velo, at market rates.

Robert Cross, reward manager at T-Mobile, said staff who swap from a cash allowance are likely to be able to upgrade to a better car. “Employees are essentially getting a car at a more reduced rate than they would privately with their local dealer.”