HR Show: Employers should review their values to attract young talent

Employers were told that they would have to revise the employment experience and their contractual terms in order to attract and retain young talent at the opening keynote session of the HR Show in Manchester.


Speaking in the session, Using your brand as a tool to attract the best people, Chris Bones, principal of Henley Management College, said: “Young peoples’ perception of value within the employment relationship is changing.”


He said employers should review their contracts and remuneration to take on board the fact that younger employees are not expecting to work for the same employer all their lives and will, for example, be more interested in personal development opportunities and in receiving cash rather than employer-paid pension contributions.


Once they arrive in the workplace, young recruits, he said, expected to be treated as individuals and given respect and recognition in the workplace.


“Culture is fundamental. It’s the experience of your values,” he added.


Line managers’ demonstration of these values will be particularly important. Bones warned employers to make sure that their contractual terms do not “conspire” against the organisation. He suggested rewarding team efforts not just those of individuals. and reducing individual line managers’ bonuses where they experience significant levels of staff on turnover within their team.