Glossary – Health & Wellbeing



Absence management system
A process of monitoring staff absence levels which can result in data being provided to employers to help them control absence and tackle the reasons behind it.

Bikes-for-work schemes
A tax-efficient scheme whereby the employer purchases a bike for employees who wish to take up the offer. The employer reclaims the VAT on the bike and can elect to pass it on to the employees. Staff opt to sacrifice the price of the bike from their salary and pay no tax or national insurance on this amount.

Dental plans
Insurance policies that allow employees access to dental treatment.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
A helpline service that employers pay for on behalf of employees that typically provides confidential support on emotional, financial and legal issues. Many also provide face-to-face counselling sessions for staff who need them.

Healthcare cash plans
Healthcare cash plans refund the cost of treatments up to a certain level each year, including eye tests, dental treatment, some complementary treatments and expenses for hospital stays. Premiums are usually low and the cash back will cover approximately 50% to 100% of costs.

Health screening
A comprehensive health check to test for signs of illness such as raised cholesterol, diabetes and different cancers. Full health screens are typically only offered to senior members of an organisation.

Musculoskeletal illnesses
These include lower back pain, joint injuries and repetitive strain problems.

Occupational health services
Occupational health services help promote and maintain the physical, mental and social wellbeing of employees. Some organisations have in-house occupational health services run by doctors and nurses, while others outsource the role to an external provider.

Private medical insurance
Insurance that provides employees with cover for private medical treatment.

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