Bucks Council looks for provider to develop reward concept

Buckinghamshire County Council has developed a reward concept that links to its organisational values and is now looking for a benefits provider to produce software for the motivation scheme with a view to also offering it to other employers.

Under the planned scheme, staff will be able to log into an online system to nominate colleagues that meet the organisation’s values. Each time an employee is nominated, they will amass redeemable points that could perhaps be spent through a pre-pay card of a type currently used in motivation schemes.

As a public sector organisation, the council is looking for a commercial partner to help implement the concept and will approach providers once it has fully developed its proposal.

Gillian Hibberd corporate director, organisational development and HR, said: "We have eight values and we currently ask for nominations on an annual basis. But what we want is for these values to be [measured] throughout the year so staff can log on and nominate."