Boost for payroll giving

Workplace Giving UK is encouraging clients to relaunch their payroll giving schemes to mark the 20th anniversary of the product and boost staff take up.

The move, which is aimed at encouraging employers to achieve take-up rates of 10%-20% and recruit an additional 20 employees to join a payroll giving scheme each month, will involve prompting organisations to use initiatives such as matching their employees contributions.

Peter O’Hara, managing director at the payroll-giving provider, said: "We want employers to relaunch their schemes, give it a fresh approach and encourage more employees to take part."

To further raise the profile of the product, Workplace Giving is also running a competition throughout April, which will be open for anyone to enter and has adopted a theme of 1987 to reflect the year that payroll giving was launched. Entrants are required to answer ten general knowledge questions in a bid to win a £500 donation to give to a charity of their choice.

"This is for anyone. You don’t even have to have payroll giving in operation at your company [as] we are just trying to create more of a buzz," O’Hara said.