Toyota gives perks to boost sales

Case study: Toyota

Competition is the name of the game in car dealerships and a little bit of envy can go a long way when it comes to shifting motors. But at Toyota, sales incentive schemes are carefully crafted to create friendly rivalry, rather than ill feeling. Currently, the car manufacturer is dangling the carrot of a trip to Sardinia if staff reach certain sales targets.

Scott Bassage, guild co-ordinator, says: "Anyone who reaches the goal gets to go. It’s always based on an objective they can achieve – something that is a bit of a stretch but not unachievable." He adds that while people might be envious of their colleagues sunning themselves in the Mediterranean, they will not begrudge them the holiday. "If you hit your objective you get to go, so you are only pushing yourself against yourself, not a group of peers. It is totally down to the individual."