Salary sacrificed phone offers overtake PC plans

More organisations have given staff the chance to salary sacrifice mobile phones than home computers, according to research by Accor Services. However, the childcare voucher provider’s Benefits Research 2005 shows that childcare vouchers are the most popular salary sacrifice offering.

Some 29% of employers offer staff childcare vouchers through salary sacrifice, with 23% offering mobile phones, 17% offering home computers and 12% bicycles. A further 18% of organisations expect to introduce voucher arrangements for childcare following the tax breaks that come in this month.

Employers are being realistic with regards to the percentage of employees likely to take up the benefit; 62% think up to 20% of staff will take part and only 2% think more than 80% of staff will buy childcare vouchers. The public sector leads the way with the number of salary sacrifice schemes already in place – 36% of the public sector currently offer the benefit compared to 26% of the private sector.

The research shows that the public sector has also been busier introducing home computing schemes and tax free bicycle loans than the private sector. Some 21% of public sector bodies have set up bike schemes compared with 8% of companies, and 26% of the public sector have home computing schemes compared to 12% of private sector firms.

For a free copy of Accor Services’ Benefits Research 2005 contact Olivier Bouley on 0845 330 4406