La Tasca firm adds voluntary benefits package

La Tasca has introduced a new voluntary benefits scheme to help recruit staff in a competitive market. The firm started negotiating discounts directly with suppliers last year, but decided to introduce an off-the-peg scheme in January. Gavin Wetton, HR director at the chain of Spanish Tapas restaurants said: "I think the new scheme gives us access to many more providers without us having to do any of the leg work."

He added that the firm faces stiff competition from other retailers when it comes to attracting staff. "There’s always been quite a lot of competition in the [restaurant] industry. In any high street, in any major town, there are going to be other restaurants there but our desire is to be a leader rather than a follower."

The firm’s 1,600 workers can access the scheme, provided by Mychoices, either online or over the phone.