Craegmoor Healthcare designs new flex scheme for employees

Case Study – Craegmoor Healthcare

Craegmoor Healthcare is in the early stages of designing a flexible benefits scheme for its employees as part of a wider review of pay and benefits. Denise Keating is HR director at the firm, which employs 8,000 staff and manages care homes across the country.

In previous roles, she has designed similar schemes for Marks & Spencer and Nationwide Building Society. She has built a strong business case to persuade an initially-sceptical board. "If we could improve staff turnover we could save £1m a year in direct costs which we can put into training and improved salaries.

"When I put in a scheme at Nationwide, I didn’t use advisers. To the extent that when I use outside people it’s about getting Inland Revenue approval for the salary sacrifice piece. I’m happy to do this internally with tax advice." She is a strong advocate of involving employees in the process.

"I think it’s extremely useful because they keep your feet on the ground." She admits that it requires time and support to help them understand but that is only part of the wider communications [issues]. Making sure that flex caution is placed at a premium