Is your employee wellbeing strategy in good health?

Businesses that assess the wellbeing of their employees and design a needs-led wellbeing offer, will put themselves in the best place possible for business recovery and growth. Most companies will want to run some research to give an accurate picture of their new state of play so they can create the right strategy.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by offering employees an individual Health Check appointment. Following the appointment, employees receive an individual Health Check report that shows the results and highlights any areas for concern. That data is then amalgamated and anonymised in an employer report to provide a diagnostic of the health of the workforce. It also gives a benchmark to monitor progress.

Along with this, many companies will also want to understand the situation with regard to opportunities that the new world order has to offer, such as hybrid working. They’d be wise to sense check stakeholder buy-in with the wellbeing offer at this stage, as well as employee engagement, as both are so crucial to driving ROI on the programme.

Things to look for:

1 Has absence increased due to physical and mental health issues?

2 Are there changes to what employees want from their health and

wellbeing programme?

3 Are stakeholders still bought in?

4 Is there continuous employee engagement with the current health and wellbeing programme?

Understanding these changes, in the aftermath of this enormous workplace upheaval, is crucial to help employers develop a robust wellbeing strategy, or refine their current one, to strengthen employee resilience and deliver tangible results.

If mental or physical health needs are driving absence, then the root cause needs to be addressed in the health and wellbeing offer.

If businesses find their employees now place greater value on immediate remote access to a doctor or other medical professional, then any new solution can incorporate that as a core part of the benefits provided.

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