Investment banking analyst is UK’s highest paid entry-level role for 2019


The position of investment banking analyst is the highest-paying entry-level job role in the UK for 2019, with a median base salary of £50,752 a year, according to research by Glassdoor.

Its 10 Highest-paying entry level jobs list identifies those roles, excluding internships, with the highest median annual base salaries, as reported by UK-based employees aged 25 or younger, on Glassdoor between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018. To feature on the list, jobs must have received at least 20 salary reports within the reporting period, taking account of job title normalisation.

Software engineers were found to have the second highest entry-level salaries in the UK, offering a median of £34,106 a year, while annual pay for business analysts reaches £32,142, placing them in third place. Data scientists rank fourth, with a median base salary of £30,791, while entry level financial analysts roles place fifth in the list, with an annual median base salary of £28,717.

Those employed as software developers have the sixth highest-paid entry level job role in the UK, earning a median base salary of £28,609. This is compared to civil engineers, who can earn £28,475 in an entry level role, audit assistants, who may take home up to £28,288 a year, and design engineers, who also receive an annual median base salary of £28,288.

Mechanical engineers rank last within the top 10 highest-paid entry-level job roles, with a median base salary of £28,273 a year.

Amanda Stansell, economic research analyst at Glassdoor, said: “While salary is by no means the only factor that young job seekers consider when deciding where to work, it is still a significant one.

“Investment banks have traditionally been the most generous with salaries to attract entry-level talent, putting candidates through their paces in often gruelling interview processes. However, while an analyst at an investment bank still attracts the largest salary, four of the 10 highest-paying entry level roles are technology roles. This shows that employers are willing to pay handsomely to find technology talent.”