How to boost mental health post January blues

While there is hope that some normality is around the corner, employees are faced with the long slog that is lockdown 3.0. With mental health declining over the last 10 months, organisations should anticipate a rise in feelings of loneliness, anxieties, and staff burnout. It’s a critical time for employers to not only support employees’ mental wellbeing, but to maintain a high-performing and engaged workforce so that they can protect their bottom line.

For many, homeworking offers new levels of comfort along with no commute, however it has left others struggling – physically, mentally, and emotionally. To ensure your approach is relevant and effective, continued review and adjustments will be required as the new way of working becomes the norm.

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  • The role of mental health ambassadors
  • Moving from work-life balance to whole-life balance
  • Creating a sense of community in a remote work environment
  • Engaging and incentivising employees through the lockdown 3.0

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