How to avoid social exclusion in the workplace

Many studies show that social exclusion can cause physical pain, which leads to a decrease in mental wellbeing and motivation within the workplace.

But social exclusion is a complex matter, and it is essential to know that not all individuals will respond the same way to different inclusive behaviours. In other words, it’s not a one size fit all problem. So, understanding the different ways to avoid social exclusion is vital.

Over the past year, many people have not had the chance to separate home and work life, affecting social exclusion. However, with the UK now easing lockdown restrictions, people can socialise outside of work. But, lifting restrictions does not lessen the importance of keeping up with inclusivity and engagement. It is, in fact, time to rethink approaches to engagement and decrease social exclusion.

With that in mind, here are some ways in which rewards and recognition can help alleviate your team’s social exclusion.

Encourage relationships in the workplace 

To start with, encouraging employee relations at work is a sure-fire way to minimise social exclusion. Making time and allowing people to socialise online, after work, or during can increase your team’s ability to connect. In addition, studies show that those who have good work relationships are seven times more likely to be engaged with their work.

Real-time recognition for your team

80% of millennials suggest that they prefer instant recognition instead of formal reviews. With millennials making up 35% of the UK workforce, it is a significant factor to consider. A great example of this is sending an Ecard to say thank you for your hard work. With instant gratification, your team will know they’re appreciated and feel more valued, lessening social exclusion.

Here at Each Person, we make sending Ecards simple, effective and manageable. Saying thank you is the secret to creating an incredible company culture. Authentic, ‘in the moment’ thanks is proven to have an extraordinary effect on morale, productivity, and loyalty. So, managers can tackle many issues with Ecards. Each Person also allows companies to customise, brand, and even animate Ecards to match company values.

Rewarding your team to combat social exclusion

Lastly, many employees respond well to positive reinforcement, which will help them feel happier. Therefore, they will feel less isolated and decrease social exclusion. Employee vouchers are a perfect example of this and can be efficiently sent to your team for jobs well done. Alternatively, team-building days are an incredible way to reward your team whilst promoting socialisation and connections.

In summary, social exclusion is a real problem faced by many managers, especially post-covid. Understanding that your team all have different needs and paying attention to that is a positive way to tackle this issue.

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