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We help companies empower their employees through Reproductive Health education,diagnostics and care across hormone health,fertility and menopause.

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About Hertility Health

Hertility Health is shaping the future of Reproductive Health by giving women the ability to understand and manage their hormone health from menstruation to menopause. 1 in 3 women suffer with a reproductive health issue, yet conversations around fertility, menopause and menstrual symptoms are still stigmatised in the workplace. As employees suffer in silence – up to £4k is lost per year, per employee, due to reduced productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Business Case for Reproductive Health Benefits

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31% of women experience reproductive health problems per year, but under half seek help.

90% of people with fertility struggles report feeling depressed.

68% of employees are willing to change jobs for fertility coverage.

1 in 4 of women experiencing menopause consider leaving their jobs.

59% of people experiencing menopause have lied to their boss about their absence.

Our Solution

We partner with companies to provide educational workshops, female health assessments and consultations with in-house experts in fertility, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and gynaecology. We adopt a lifecourse approach, providing your employees with actionable insights to achieve their reproductive and overall health goals – whatever these may be. We believe that through better access to education and earlier diagnosis of reproductive health issues, we can improve the day-to-day and longer-term wellbeing of your workforce.

Core Products

  • Educational Workshops & Webinars
  • Virtual Health Assessments
  • Tailored At-Home Health Assessments
  • Personal Health Hub Dashboard & Actionable Insights
  • Virtual Consultations with Specialists
  • Fertility Counselling
  • Fertility Clinic Concierge
  • Community-based Support

Diagnostic Capability:

Our clinically validated at-home hormone tests give you insights on –

  • Why you are experiencing irregular periods or symptoms.
  • Reasons why you may be struggling to get pregnant.
  • Your fertility picture, including ovarian reserve and fertility decline.
  • Whether you have one of the 9 most common gynaecological conditions (e.g. PCOS).
  • Symptom analysis and flagging of gynae cancers.
  • Hormonal imbalances which might be impacting sleep, mood, energy or skin.
  • Thyroid dysfunction which might be impacting weight gain or loss.
  • Perimenopause and menopause confirmation.
  • Risk of developing diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease post-menopause.

 Reproductive Health Benefits Plans

We offer a range of corporate plans and coverage options to suit your needs. Each plan has the option to be fully company-funded, partially funded or voluntary cost-neutral. The plans can include –

  • Reproductive Health, Fertility & Menopause Educational Workshops.
  • Reproductive Health, Fertility & Menopause Health Assessments.
  • Reproductive Health, Fertility & Menopause Virtual Consultation Service.

Education & Awareness

Research and education are at the very core of Hertility’s mission – by closing the knowledge gap, we can close the Gender Health Gap.

We have designed our educational workshops so that employers and employees of all backgrounds and ages walk away feeling informed and empowered to take their reproductive health into their own hands.

Quality of Care

Hertility Health provides the highest quality of care across all our services with leading experts in fertility, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and gynaecology.

We are Government approved and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a Doctors/GP service. Our Hertility Health kits are CE marked and MHRA approved. We work with multiple state-of-the-art clinical laboratories across the UK which are UKAS ISO EN 17025 and/or UKAS 15189 accredited and in compliance with the CQC.

What Employees Are Saying

I knew I wanted a family in the future, but my career keeps me busy and Mother Nature waits for no one! I’ve been considering egg-freezing and Hertility helped give me options to feel in control of my fertility future.” – Sue, 27

“I had to take so much time off work for multiple invasive appointments – I just wish that it could have been as easy and accessible as Hertility has made it.” – Maya, 32

“My wife & I struggled to have a baby- we were told to wait on the NHS. Having the chance to assess our fertility with Hertility has saved us so much time and anguish.” – Azam, 35

“Spending time researching where to find information is so overwhelming and time consuming, Hertility has changed all of that. I finally have answers and options, all in one place.” – Fatima, 23

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More and more employers are choosing to support their employees throughout their careers and reproductive health journeys.

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