Helping Employees Get to Grips With Money

No matter what job you have, keeping on top of all the financials involved can be challenging. There is a lot to get to grips with, from understanding how to read your payslip and checking you are on the right tax code, to being aware of the full range of employee benefits available to you and understanding your pension and life after work options.

The Money Charity’s new series of money and work modules is designed to help equip employees with the information and tools they need to make the most of their money at work, whatever their situation.

We offer four 1-hour modules within “Money & Work”:

Payslips, Tax & National Insurance – topics include: understanding how to read your payslip, understanding how tax, tax relief and National Insurance work.

Employee Benefits – topics include: reviewing what employers may offer in addition to salary such as healthcare contributions and discount options.

Pensions – topics include: explaining how a pension works, auto-enrolment, state and private pensions, saving for a pension and pension consolidation.

Life After Work – topics include: identifying what kind of retirement is desired and the level of pension income required to do this, identifying key issues when planning retirement and the options at retirement.

By choosing The Money Charity as your financial wellbeing provider, you will not only be

delivering your employees a high-quality learning experience but you also enable us to

deliver our work in the community, including financial wellbeing programmes for vulnerable

groups and young people.

If you’d like to make a booking, find out more, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate

to get in touch with us on [email protected] or 0207 062 8933.