Why should health checks only be available to an organisational ‘elite’?

As a nation, we hate the idea that good quality healthcare should only be available to those willing to pay for it – but it doesn’t seem to be a problem when it’s within an organisation, when the best healthcare is only provided to senior executives.  A healthy nation is good for everyone, for the economy, society, and culturally. And there are similar benefits for employers – and more.

First of all, it’s the basis of a public health approach for an organisation. Giving checks to as many employees as possible means reliable data on the health of people resources and health risks. It’s the basis for more targeted HR interventions around health and wellbeing. By using health checks for everyone you can get a picture of what’s needed in each division or location and tailor the response. Stress might be the issue in head office, but in regional offices it might be obesity or musculoskeletal problems. It means professional providers like Bluecrest can use its expertise to aggregate the data and have a useful and informed discussion with companies about what to do next.

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