Get involved with National Baking Week

This week it is National Baking Week — and there is nothing more fun than baking a good cake! Did you know it’s actually good for your mental health too?

You don’t have to be an expert and you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it, there is the perfect recipe out there to suit everyone.

Get creative, get the family involved, get baking!

There is a part for everyone when baking, whether your children are younger or older, having a bake session is a great bonding experience. Let them help you measure the ingredients, mix, stir, wash up or just eat the finished product. Most of all — get messy, have fun and create memories. We all have fond memories of baking with our parents, or grandparents when we were small — right?

Spending some time in the kitchen can have a profound effect on an individual. The delight you get from your finished product and the release of the stresses around you is unmeasurable. If you’re new to baking perhaps search out a recipe that can be done in under 30 minutes, or try something you know the family will love, perhaps it’s a favourite of your own. It’s easy to get started.

Before you start there are some basic utensils that you will need and you may find you already have them about the house. Bowls, scales, jugs, a whisk, wooden spoon and bakeware are all you need if you’re doing a basic recipe.

Baking the healthy way
You might think that baking just involves cake, scones and biscuits, but there are healthy alternatives too. Savoury biscuits can include vegetables as a main ingredient — there are sweet bakes like beetroot chocolate cake or date and oat bars to satisfy the sweet tooth. Of course, home baking is always healthier anyway as the end product does not contain the added preservatives, colourings or flavourings as products bought from a supermarket.

A previous winner of the Great British Bake Off, John Whaite, has even spoken out about how baking has lifted his depression proving the calming effect baking can have on you. There are a number of links between baking and mental health, the release of endorphins relieves the feeling of anxiety and depression and it’s because of this that a lot of people find themselves turning to baking in times of need. Even Mary Berry has stated how a good baking session can help when you’re feeling down.

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Celebrate National Bake Week with us — get yourself in the kitchen and show us your creations on social media.

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