How to get back on the fitness wagon in the new year

We’ve all been there; December happens and that one strict cheat day you’ve allowed yourself has lasted a whole month. Now there is a massive struggle to go back to the gym and get on the healthy wagon.

  • Splurge on some new gym gear

Everyone loves purchasing new clothes and showing them off, so after a long break from the gym treat yourself to some new workout gear. This will kick off your healthy reboot and give you the chance to wear/use it. It could be anything from buying clothes, electronics to Tupperware for healthy snacks. If you are planning to run a marathon and that’s the reason you have decided to get back in shape, you can buy a fitness tracker to see your progress. If you have signed up for a yoga class why not purchase a nice gym mat or some colourful fitness attire. Our product My Active Discounts offers you the opportunity to buy your favourite brands at a discounted rate.


  • Start slow

The first couple of weeks getting back into a fitness routine can be quite tough! Instead of working out to the point of exhaustion thinking it will get easier, try easing yourself back in. Pick a slower paced workout, a yoga class or achieving twenty minutes on the treadmill. You have to learn to walk before you can run, so work your way back up to a higher workout level and build up your strength.

  • Give yourself a break

Rest is good for your body and when you haven’t worked-out for a significant amount of time your body slows down, meaning your metabolism, cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Your body becomes weaker when you don’t exercise and jumping back in seven days a week you run the risk of overdoing it or injuring yourself.

  • Find a gym buddy

After a long break from the gym or fitness classes you may find going back to be slightly daunting, so why not enlist a friend to go with you?! Instead of making it feel like a chore, you can make it fun by finding a gym buddy who will motivate you and your time there will be more enjoyable. You will be more likely to stick to a routine and show up if someone is depending on you, plus it will provide you with some healthy competition.

  • Give up a vice

If you have fallen off the healthy eating wagon don’t just dive back in it and go cold turkey on all of your treats, this will just make it even harder to stick to your new food regime. Try giving up just one thing, it can be wine, beer, smoking, chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits or pastries… You will be more successful in giving up just one thing rather than trying to cut all of your bad habits out of your life.

  • Set achievable goals

Instead of only thinking about the big picture and that you want to lose a stone in say two months. You should try to focus more short term and achievable goals like using the treadmill for an extra five minutes, doing a couple more sit-ups each time or gradually lifting heavier weights. Managing your expectations and taking it slowly after a long break is the best way to go.