Generous anonymous customer tips Joey B restaurant staff $1,300

Generous anonymous customer tips restaurant staff $1,300

Something for the weekend: During difficult times, a kind gesture from a customer boosted morale at US-based restaurant Joey B.

Like many restaurants, Joey B has been struggling throughout the pandemic due to the fluctuations in demand. To lift spirits and keep motivation high among staff, an anonymous customer left a $1,300 (£951) tip in recognition of their hard work, despite the food bill only being $35 (£25).

Surprised as staff were, Joey B divided the generous payment among its well-deserving workforces.

Madison Molchan, waitress at Joey B, said: “It is heartwarming when it happens to you and the place that you work for it is a huge appreciation and we are so grateful.”

The generous tip went a long way and has stayed in the hearts of those that have been working through turbulent times.

Here at Employee Benefits, it is clear that a kind gesture large or small can go a long way to keeps staff going through a tough few months.