How gender-neutral parental leave helped me grow as a father, manager and leader

By James Edwards, Global Director – Implementation & Support

One of the reasons why I enjoy my role as a manager at Reward Gateway is because I get to work with some of the best talent in our industry. The diversity of our staff is one of our greatest assets, the reason why we can provide the level of service that keeps our clients happy and our business growing. In a competitive job market, attracting top talent isn’t easy, and as a people leader I’m always conscious of how I’m creating an environment where we embrace everyone’s unique skills and qualities, and challenge and support each other in both our professional and personal growth.

Respecting and valuing a whole person and their individual differences and removing barriers so employees can fully participate in their work not is not only good for your people’s sense of fulfilment and wellbeing, it also impacts your business’ bottom line. According to the CEB Corporate Leadership Council a diverse and inclusive organisation increases employee intent to stay by as much as 24%, commitment to colleagues and team collaboration and effectiveness by as much as 21%, and provides more opportunities to problem-solve and innovate.

In other words, diversity and inclusion is fundamental to ongoing employee engagement and business success.

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