Gardner Leader gives 135 employees unlimited paid holiday

Gardner leave employees get unlimited holiday

Law firm Gardner leader has launched an unlimited paid holiday policy for all of its 135 employees, rolling the scheme out to four offices across the South East and London.

The scheme was launched on 1 February 2020, following a successful 12-month trial during 2019. The policy allows for unlimited annual leave at the manager’s discretion, provided there are arrangements for work to be covered during the period of absence.

The new holiday policy adds to the firm’s other wellbeing schemes, which includes a committee that organises activities, signposts employees towards relevant information and arranges training sessions. The committee covers all aspects of employee wellbeing, including social, environment, food, finance, fitness, mental health, community engagement and corporate social responsibility. In addition, two employees are appointed wellbeing champions, and have been trained in mental health first aid.

In 2018, Gardner Leader also launched a ‘Back to Law’ programme that helps lawyers return to private practice following a career break.

Derek Rodgers, managing partner at Gardner Leader said: “Our new unlimited holiday policy has been extremely positive for both the firm and workforce.

“Any planned absence still needs line manager approval with arrangements made for work to be covered during this absence. But the scheme empowers our great team of people to take as much leave as they feel they need, as and when they need it, as opposed to imposing arbitrary limits. This is great for employee welfare and motivation, creating a place that attracts the best talent and where people enjoy working.

“The firm has grown considerably in the last few years, so we’re always looking at new and different ways of being flexible and inclusive to support our diverse and progressive workplace culture.”