Games Workshop awards employees bonus payment

Games Workshop bonusWarhammer figurine maker Games Workshop has awarded more than £18 million in bonus cash payments to its employees after it reported a strong year of sales and profits.

The Nottingham-based organisation has distributed the money on an equal basis to each member of staff in recognition of their contribution to its financial performance.

Last year, the employer awarded group profit share payments of £11 million to its workers.

More than 1,500 staff work at Games Workshop’s global headquarters in the UK, with thousands more based in offices and more than 500 stores globally. The firm estimates pre-tax profit for the year to 2 June to be at least £200 million, compared with £171 million a year ago.

On its website the company states: “Our teams are made up of diverse individuals with varying skill sets and backgrounds brought together by a common set of shared values. We put people first and invest in them for the long-term. We have a strong culture at Games Workshop. Our remarkable people work hard, support one another and strive for quality above all else.”

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Last Christmas, Games Workshop handed its shop workers, model makers, designers and support staff a £2,500 bonus, £1,000 more than 2022, after half-year profits rose more than 12%. This led to a £7.5 million bonus pool compared to £4.5 million in 2022.

According to Games Workshop, which runs about 530 stores, it was increasing the bonus as it expected half-year profits to be at least £94 million as sales rose 9% to £247 million. There was strong growth in its core gaming sales but a drop in licensing income.