Are you frightened or delighted by your corporate culture?

By Chloe Deiulis, Content Marketing Manager 

I have a small truth I’d like to share. I haven’t worn a suit since my very first interview.

I remember interviewing at a content marketing agency for an intern position, fresh out of college and ready to hit the ground running in the “real world.” I came into the office in heels, a tailored Banana Republic skirt suit and my portfolio.

That part-time job led to a full-time position, and kicked off my working life, where I happily discovered that I had looked wildly out of place in my suit. And from that office, I learned my truth: I’m just not a “suit” kind of person.

Every office I’ve worked in since has readily accepted me in denim, dresses, open-toed shoes and even the occasional hoodie on (really) casual Fridays.

And for me, that’s really important. For you, and your employees, it might be the thing that makes or breaks accepting a job. That’s why it’s critical to recruit in line with your corporate culture, and (possibly) more importantly, to communicate your culture in a way that everyone — candidates and current employees alike — understands, and appreciates.

Understand that this means that not every candidate, and not every person, is right for your company. And that’s OK. I like working for a company that puts its culture on display, like we did for Halloween.

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