Five employee engagement success stories worth a read

by Megan Gough, Head of Client Communications at Reward Gateway

Whether just starting out or revamping your employee engagement strategy, there’s always a thing or two to learn from the success stories of others. As we gear up for our annual  Engagement Excellence Awards, here are a few of the entries we’ve received from our clients on how they’ve pushed the boundaries with their employee engagement tactics.

Cutting through internal communications clutter

Harvard Technology went through a huge amount of change over a 12-month period, which led to some feelings of uncertainty and a drop in employee morale and employee engagement. Learn more about how it used new employee benefits and better employee communications to reach 88% of its workforce with their messaging.

Read the Harvard Technology success story

Creating a culture of continuous employee recognition

With 10,000 employees, it can be hard to replicate a tight-knit start-up company of just 10. But banking and finance organisation AXA used its employee recognition system to provide simple and initutive ways to recognise colleagues near and far. Since the re-launch, it’s seen 95% engagement and 7,500 eCards sent in the first six months.

Read the AXA success story

Reaching employees with fresh ideas and new employee benefits

Causeway’s flexible benefits platform had been available to its 5,000 employees, but a survey showed low engagement. To pump new life into its employee benefits plan, Causeway assembled a team with a customer (employee) first approach. Learn more how it’s decreased turnover, increased productivity and profitability through a variety of HR initiatives.

Read the Causeway Technologies success story

Breaking benefits monotony with a cheeky mascot

Sometimes when you need something done, it’s best to just do it yourself. Other times, you need to rely on someone else – or in the case of Ashford Borough Council – something else. Learn more about how its mascot ‘Sir Wilbur of Trottsville’ made its benefits promotion stand out to drive 87% engagement and great savings for its staff of nearly 450.

Read the Ashford Borough Council success story

Rounding out an allstar employee engagement strategy

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I always look forward to seeing who wins our Engagement Leaders of the Year award. The JCB Group has a real HR hero in Group HR Manager Anna-Lisa DeVoil, who identified an extremely diverse demographic in the automotive organisation. Learn more about how they fostered unity, confidence and tranparency for nearly 300 employees in a dozen different locations, reaching 100% engagement on its employee engagement platform.

Read the JCB Group success story