FinTrU implements pregnancy loss policy

FinTrU has introduced a comprehensive pregnancy loss policy, which is available to all 750 of its employees.

The financial organisation’s initiative caters for both the pregnant member of staff and their partner in the event of a pregnancy loss. It aims to support them by ensuring that they have the time and care they need after experiencing a loss or miscarriage.

The affected employees will be entitled to two weeks of paid leave. The policy also extends to members of staff who are the partners of someone who has lost a child, entitling them to one week of paid leave, which will be flexible in order to suit recovery needs following a pregnancy loss event.

According to FinTrU, new training in this area has been designed and will be delivered to all line managers as the company’s employee demographic continues to evolve. The training will focus on those who manage pregnant staff and their partners, those who have lost a child, and the appropriate and careful management of the employee’s return to work.

FinTrU chief human resources officer Sinead Carville explained that as the business continues to grow, it is always looking to support its employee demographic in whatever way it can.

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She explained that people can feel uncomfortable speaking about a pregnancy loss and tend to use other reasons for compassionate leave, therefore FinTrU wants to completely remove that barrier and ensure that employees and managers are fully equipped with the knowledge, training and support they require for this situation.

“Our organisation is evolving and we are always looking at ways for us to evolve as a provider for our people. FinTrU will continue to monitor and implement employee centric policies to support them in their careers as well as their personal lives,” Carville added.