Finding value in UK equities

By Mark Martin, Investment Director & Head of UK Equities

Register for a live update on 9 July at 14.30 with Mark Martin, who will be discussing Chancellor George Osborne’s ‘emergency’ summer budget, the UK equity landscape post May’s General Election and his outlook for the second half of 2015. Mark will also highlight the portfolio positioning and performance of the UK Opportunities and UK Mid Cap funds.

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The Neptune UK Opportunities Fund is currently overweight the mid- and small-cap areas of the market as we believe these areas suffer from the greatest inefficiencies and therefore present the best opportunities to find value. We are focused closely on valuations, avoiding sectors where profit margins are close to all-time highs and sentiment is consensually bullish. For example, momentum style stocks — such as UK housebuilders — have had a tremendous run since 2010 and are now trading at, or near, all-time-high price-to-book values. Given these valuations, the Neptune UK Opportunities Fund is currently overweight quality and value style stocks rather, and has no exposure to housebuilders. Instead, we favour companies exposed to the housing cycle, such as Carpetright.

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