Four-fifths state that feeling appreciated is important for workplace happiness

Jitesh Patel

Four-fifths (80%) of respondents state that feeling appreciated is important for their happiness at work, according to research by workplace consultants Peldon Rose.

Its Happy office survey, which polled 1,800 UK office staff in February 2019, also found that 58% believe salary is important for their happiness at work, compared to 55% who say feeling trusted makes them happy.

Around two-thirds (67%) of UK office-based employees believe they are happy at work, despite the fact that only 45% feel appreciated and 22% think they have a good organisational culture.

The research found that construction and manufacturing sector employees are the happiest, as 78% state they are happy at work, compared to 72% of media and communications staff and a further 72% who work in hospitality and leisure.

Retail employees have been found to be the least happy, with 54% of respondents working in this sector saying they are happy at work, below IT and telecoms staff (66%) and those in education (67%).

Nearly two-thirds (59%) of respondents believe that full kitchen facilities are important, while other factors that improve the working experience include training and development opportunities (80%), tools and technology to perform work efficiently (79%) and quiet zones to aid concentration (59%).

Although being provided with the right tools and technology is important for respondents, only 55% state that they currently receive this.

Friendships at work are considered a positive at work by 63% of UK-based office staff, while 43% who list flexible working and 36% who value rewarding work. Furthermore, 67% think that communal social spaces are important in building workplace friendships, while 64% say informal breakout areas aid this.

Jitesh Patel (pictured), chief executive officer at Peldon Rose, said: “Happiness is not only crucial to the mental wellbeing of employees, it is also good for business. Happy [employees] will be more productive and creative and more likely to be loyal to their employees.

“To improve happiness levels, it is vital that employers demonstrate their appreciation to their employees by investing in training and development, tools and technology and the right office environment.”