Exploring the link between employee experience and employee engagement

We’ve all heard the question, “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” Despite what viewpoint you might have, we know that you can’t have an egg without a chicken, and you can’t have a chicken without an egg.

This is the same way I look at the link between employee experience and employee engagement – think of it as the HR version of the chicken and the egg. You can’t improve the employee experience without caring about how you engage your employees, and you can’t successfully engage your employees if you don’t work to improve your employee experience.

There needs to stop being a battle between ‘experience’ and ‘engagement’ and which is more important because they are both critically important not only for your people but for your business as it continues to grow and evolve.

Supporting your people strategy with tools that will improve not only the employee experience, but increase employee engagement will help define your employees’ unique experiences with their company, and ultimately, make their world a better place to work.

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