EXCLUSIVE: Nesta to discuss navigating jobs of the future at Employee Benefits Connect 2020

Ksenia-Zheltoukhova-Employee Benefits Connect

EXCLUSIVE: Ksenia Zheltoukhova, director of research operations, research, analysis and policy at innovation foundation Nesta, will discuss how employers can navigate their way to the jobs of the future at Employee Benefits Connect 2020.

The session, titled ‘Empowering workers to navigate their way to the jobs of the future: How can workplaces innovate?’ will be the opening keynote session on Wednesday 26 February.

Commencing the packed conference agenda for the one-day event, Zheltoukhova will be discussing the two sides of planning for the future, both in terms of empowering staff to navigate their way through workplace innovation, and helping employers to create demand for skills and think about employee value propositions.

Zheltoukhova said: “So, what is it that [employers are] offering in the workplace to support [employees’] ideas and their demand for future skills? No week goes past without a report on the skills and jobs for the future. But for me, there’s a gap where no one knows what to do about it. Our research shows that one in five workers’ occupations are shrinking by 2030 which will affect six million people.”

In this research, The future of skills: Employment in 2030, Nesta found that seven in 10 employees have a clear picture of the outcome of their jobs in the future. Zheltoukhova believes that this highlights the need for employers to be prepared for the transition.

In her keynote, Zheltoukhova will also discuss how creativity is an important feature when preparing for the jobs of the future. She continued: “We also talk about the data and the pathway to transitions and hobs changes, but another important aspect is human motivations and retraining.

“If employees want to succeed in attracting the best people, they need to take into account learning and the way in which their employees want to work.”

Employee Benefits Connect is a unique and interactive platform for reward professionals to come together to discover the future of reward and promote blue-sky thinking for the years ahead. It will take place on Wednesday 26 February 2020 at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.

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