EXCLUSIVE: More than half intend to increase focus on communicating benefits

communicating benefits

EXCLUSIVE: More than half (51%) of employers intend to place a greater emphasis on communicating benefits in the next 12 months, while just over two-fifths (41%) say they have already done so in the past year, according to research by Employee Benefits and Health Shield.

The Employee Benefits/Health Shield healthcare research 2018, which surveyed 162 respondents in July, also found that 45% plan to increase their focus on mental wellbeing in the next year. Meanwhile, 39% intend to increase their focus on financial wellbeing support and 27% plan to increase the number of health benefits they offer. These were all cited as key focus areas by respondents for the following 12 months in the 2017 research, which shows these factors are retaining their high positions on employers’ agendas.

Among the least popular actions for employers over the next 12 months are to decrease the number of health benefits offered (1%), reduce the number of employees covered by health benefits (2%) and introduce an excess on insurance-based benefits (2%).