EXCLUSIVE: Future-proofing financial wellbeing at Employee Benefits Connect 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Zarina Sahni, head of insights at Salary Finance, will bring delegates together to discuss how financial wellbeing can enhance existing initiatives at Employee Benefits Connect 2020.

Sahni’s huddle sessions, titled ‘Futureproofing financial wellbeing’, will take place throughout the one-day conference event, and will aim to delve into a number of topics around financial wellbeing.

Sahni said: “We’re looking to offer practical advice for those who want to create a financial wellbeing program that works for their organisation. We’ve surveyed over 12,500 people and the biggest takeaway from those findings is how many people know how important financial wellbeing is.

“For HR directors and leaders, they now know how important it is, but it’s about how they will effectively implement it.”

Throughout her sessions, Sahni will be taking attendees through the process of creating a financial wellbeing strategy, covering six key points: how financial wellbeing can enhance existing initiatives; how to support staff in securing their present and improving their future; why culture and benefits go hand-in-hand; short, medium and long-term financial wellbeing goals; and short, medium and long-term culture and community goals. 

Sahni explained that creating an effective, future-proofed financial wellbeing programme is not necessarily a linear process, but is about considering all of those elements.

She continued: “The first step, however, is really about building a business case, that you can develop and get everything approved.”

In her sessions, Sahni will also discuss communicating and measuring financial wellbeing strategies in the right way. She believes that many programs can fail because they do not have the right tools in place for determining how to communicate or measure impacts.

Employee Benefits Connect 2020 is a unique and interactive platform for reward professionals to come together to discover the future of reward and promote blue-sky thinking for the years ahead. It will take place on Wednesday 26 February 2020 at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.

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