EXCLUSIVE: Four-fifths offer counselling services or EAPs


EXCLUSIVE: Counselling or employee assistance programmes (EAPs) are offered by 82% of organisations, according to research by Employee Benefits.

The Benefits research 2019, which surveyed 290 HR decision-makers and was published in May 2019, also found that this is a considerable rise from the 69% that used EAPs in 2018, demonstrating the importance currently being placed on psychological wellbeing.

Underlining this focus, on-site wellbeing events and mental health first aid training are offered by 56% and 59% of organisations, respectively.

Last year, on-site wellbeing events were provided by only a third (35%) of employers, while mental health champions and first aiders were only present at 32%.

Employers are increasingly realising the benefits of extending health and wellbeing benefitsĀ beyond the individual employee. Previously, 54% offered the option of privateĀ medical insurance for partnersĀ and dependants, but this has now reached 72%.

Similarly, health cash plans areĀ made available to partners and dependants at 43% of organisations, doubling the figure from 2018.

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