EXCLUSIVE: Employee health is key reason to offer benefits for 83% of organisations

employee health benefits

EXCLUSIVE: For the second year running, supporting employee health and wellbeing has been identified as the main reason employers offer benefits, according to research by Employee Benefits.

The Benefits research 2019, which surveyed 290 HR professionals, was published in May 2019. It found that employee health and wellbeing was cited by 83% of survey respondents, compared with 86% back in 2018.

Around seven in 10 (72%) organisations offer benefits because they are an effective recruitment or retention tool, while 65% do so to promote work-life balance, a 10 percentage point increase on last year. Interestingly, and in line with 2018’s results, fewer than one in four (24%) provide perks because they believe they are good value or produce a measurable return on investment.

These findings demonstrate a clear employer focus on the welfare of the workforce, with less emphasis or concern around the business benefits.

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