EXCLUSIVE: Danwood to pay all staff the national living wage

Danwood offices outside-2015EXCLUSIVE: Printing services organisation Danwood is to pay the national living wage rate of at least £7.20 an hour to all of its 1,144 employees.

Danwood will implement the national living wage rate from 1 January 2016, in advance of the wage becoming a legal requirement in April 2016.

Although it is only compulsory to pay the national living wage to staff who are 25 years old and over, the rate will be the organisation’s baseline for its employees regardless of their age.

Danwood is offering the wage to staff as part of its three-year programme to boost employee engagement.

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Wil Payne, group HR director at Danwood, said: “Danwood has a strong commitment to ensure we are recognised as a leader within the industry for promoting socially responsible employment. As part of a three-year programme to further employee engagement and build a great place to work, the decision to link our internal pay policy to the national living wage irrespective of age is core to our plans.”

Jennifer Roberts, compensation and benefits manager at Danwood, added: “We are pleased to be able to adopt the national living wage earlier than anticipated and for all employees as a baseline. The news has been well received within the business and confirms our commitment to fair pay and our investment in our people.”