EXCLUSIVE: 85% believe it is too early to tell the impact of Brexit on pensions

how will brexit impact pensions

EXCLUSIVE: An overwhelming majority of respondents (85%) believe it is too early to tell what the impact of Brexit will be on pensions, according to research by Employee Benefits and Barnett Waddingham.

The report, titled Employee Benefits/Barnett Waddingham pensions research 2018, surveyed 246 respondents and was published in December 2018. It found that uncertainty about the impact of Brexit had more than doubled since last year’s survey, when 39% said it was too early to tell what the effects would be.

Almost a third (30%) of respondents believe Brexit will have no impact, a substantial increase on the 11% who felt this way in 2017. Of those who do think Brexit will affect pensions, 17% believe it will boost employee engagement in retirement planning and 14% think it will encourage staff to increase their pension scheme contributions.