Euromoney launches family support benefit for 850 UK staff


Global financial information organisation Euromoney has launched a new family support benefit for its 850 UK-based employees in order to support staff in fulfilling their potential at work.

The new benefit, provided by Parental Choice, was introduced on 11 October 2018 and is effective immediately for UK employees. The family support benefit has been designed to enable staff to balance both their family and working lives.

Gillian Fox, global HR director at Euromoney, said: “Euromoney is committed to ensuring that employees can fulfil their potential and bring their whole selves to work. We are very pleased to be offering the services of Parental Choice to our employees to support our working parents. This addition to our employee benefits package complements many of our initiatives that are currently ongoing to further foster an environment of inclusion at Euromoney.”

The family support benefit allows employees to search for nurseries, child minders and schools, provides talks on subjects that affect working parents, offers childcare advice sessions and on-call advice for parents, and helps with nanny-related services, such as searches, payroll and contracts.

The new benefit was communicated to employees via the staff intranet and all-employee emails. Staff are also able to find out about the benefit through the organisation’s diversity groups, primarily its [email protected] group and [email protected] group. Parental Choice also conducted on-site, face-to-face presentations and drop-in sessions for employees. These initial communications will be supported by a monthly newsletter and quarterly presentation and seminar moving forwards.

In terms of family-friendly benefits, Euromoney also has a global flexible working policy.

Sarah-Jane Butler, founder at Parental Choice, added: “It is fantastic to see [an organisation] like Euromoney focusing on the wellbeing of [its] working parents. We are excited to be partnering with [it] as it puts the work-life balance of its employees firmly on [its] agenda and shows how an employer can make a real difference to its employees with caring responsibilities. Being able to support working parents is a tangible benefit that can only be positive for [organisations] and employees alike.”