58% of employees do not expect a Christmas reward from their employer

58% of employees do not expect a Christmas gift

More than half (58%) of employees do not think they will receive a Christmas reward from their employer, according to research by gift card provider Blackhawk Network.

Its survey of 2,001 UK employees also found that an additional 11% of respondents are unsure if they will receive a gift or reward from their organisation.

Just under half (48%) of employees would prefer to receive a Christmas bonus, with a further 28% wanting to receive a restaurant-specific gift card, while one-fourth (26%) would like their employer to give them an additional day’s paid leave. 

In terms of age groups, 40% of those aged 25-41 are expecting a Christmas gift compared to 45% of employees aged 18-24, with only 8% of employees aged 57 and over anticipating a Christmas bonus or reward this year.

Chris Ford, senior director of incentives at Blackhawk Network, said:Employers are increasingly getting better at rewarding staff and making them feel valued, but Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the surrounding restrictions are going to make that difficult this year.

“It is important to remember that even the smallest rewards can go a long way in building morale, even during tough times. Giving employees choice is also key as each employee has their own wants and needs and assuming they are all the same is a big mistake. Whatever organisations decide to do for their staff this Christmas, it is important that their teams feel motivated and ready for what 2021 has in store.”