Innovative organisations ask employees to get their hands on the merchandise

Something for the weekend: Employee perks are fast becoming a deal-breaker when it comes to attracting, and keeping, a talented and engaged workforce. There are many methods of creating an attractive package, but some organisations have chosen to engage staff with the business by directly incorporating their brand into their benefits.

Pet-friendly perks

US-based pet product retailer Pet Smart ensures that its employees get the best treats by offering them a 15% discount when buying pet-related items. On top of that, staff get a free six-week pet training group class, perfect for training up a young pup.

In a similar vein, pet daycare, boarding and spa business Dogtopia gives employees’ pets a personal wellness fund, for everything from daycare visits to vet appointments.

A healthy reward

Health coaching school The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) offers a number of healthy benefits, in line with its business ethos, including healthy food options on-site.

To help employees de-stress and get ready to stretch their creative muscles, the organisation also provides weekly massages and yoga sessions during working hours, making sure that everyone is nice and loose for work.

Off-the-shelf benefits

At publishing organisation Penguin Random House, employees’ passion for books is fully fanned, as they are able to sign up to a free book programme, choosing from multiple books or e-books of all shapes and sizes, completely free of charge, all year round.

Tasty treats

Healthy eating options might be on the cards for some, but at ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s, staff are encouraged to indulge.

Employees can take home three pints of ice cream per day of any flavour, and are regularly encouraged to make full use of their daily allowances. An ideal choice for dinner, and a chance to get the inside scoop before flogging the merchandise to consumers.

Living the lifestyle

To help attract and engage staff who love the outdoors, California-based active clothing manufacturer Patagonia provides bikes, volleyball and on-site yoga at its head office. The reception desk is also known to alert staff on particularly good surf days.

The other side of Patagonia’s business ethos is environmental activism; to this end, the organisation has pledged to post bail for any employee arrested for environment-related protesting.

Meanwhile, travel booking organisation HotelTonight asks its staff to get excited for adventure with free or discounted rates and hotel credits, as well as the chance to win a free holiday through monthly spin-the-wheel events.

Here at Employee Benefits, we can see that offering perks aligned with business goals can give back to staff while also promoting and engaging them with the organisation’s brand. However, we are quite glad not to be put in the way of the temptation of all that ice cream…