Employee wellbeing findings a ‘wake-up call’ for action

Joint research by YuLife and YouGov has revealed the deleterious impact on employee wellbeing and mental health from a year of lockdown.

With at-home staff reporting feeling ‘always-on’ and having to juggle caring commitments, the study showed nearly a quarter of workers (22%) simply do not take any breaks at all during the working day.

Although the vast majority (93%) of respondents thought their employers had an obligation to safeguard their wellbeing, it revealed they believed bosses are not doing a very good job of it.

More than two-fifths (42%) reported being more stressed at work than they were before the onset of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, while 38% said their sleeping habits are now disturbed, and a third (33%) feel less motivated in their jobs than before lockdown.

Commenting on the results, YuLife CEO and Founder Sammy Rubin described the results as a ‘wake-up call’. He said: “A year of widespread disruption in from the pandemic has had a clear and pronounced impact on wellbeing in the workplace and on individual lifestyle habits.”

He added: “Employers must heed this wake-up call and strive to find solutions that respond to employees’ changing needs, ensuring that they are supported whether working from home or the office.”

Particularly worrying was the finding that 25% reported they are both sleeping less and that their sleep quality is more disrupted. Nearly a third (30%) argued continued lack of personal interaction is taking its toll, citing lack of real interaction had negatively impacted their wellbeing.

“Rising stress, reduced sleep, fewer breaks and more time spent in front of screens are combining to take their toll on Britons’ wellbeing,” added Dr Rangan Chatterjee, chief wellbeing officer at YuLife.

He continued: “Employers must now take the lead in encouraging employees to take simple but necessary steps to enhance their wellbeing in the workplace.”

According to the research, 25% of employees want more employer-provided benefits that help boost their health.