Employee engagement: where to start – event

Reward Gateway

There are a group of businesses that have changed how they treat their people and, as a result, they have super engaged workforces. They don’t run easy places to work, they run great places to work. They are in all sectors from technology to retail, to manufacturing to hospitality. They enjoy stock market returns of twice their peers, they innovate more than their competitors and they have half their employee turnover.

We’ve been working with these companies for over a decade. We’ve been studying them, helping them, building tools and solutions for them. We’ve built a deep understanding of how you can move your business towards a highly engaged culture and we’ve developed it into a model, The Engagement Bridge.

In this session, Reward Gateway’s Group Reward Director, Debra Corey, will use the 10-step Engagement Bridge model to illustrate the elements that the best-performing organisations focus on to create a culture where people can become engaged.

23 May — Birmingham
6 June — London
12 September — Birmingham
4 October — London
7 November — Birmingham

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