Employee Engagement trends in 2019

It’s a new year so why not start afresh with a clear focus on employee engagement and getting the most out of your teams? Companies are constantly trying to understand what makes their employees tick and have noticed there isn’t really a one-size fits all approach when it comes to managing teams, building a corporate culture and having a team that is happy and healthy. Below are some trends that savvy HR personnel have on their agenda for the upcoming year:

Work / life balance
More and more companies are starting to see the value of adapting shorter workweeks and offering more generous time-off policies as they see the tremendous value inherent within. If employees know their company cares for them and their overall happiness and wellbeing, especially during the stressful periods, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated. Organisations that opt for this approach, where they encourage their teams to get work done in a flexible and balanced way seem to be spearheading and blasting forward in the industry, opposed to those clock counting. Looking for an organic way attract top talent? Employees love to talk about their workplaces and brag when things are well thought through and efficient. A strong work / life balance is always a talking point, especially as striking this fine balance is difficult in today’s connected world.

Holistic wellbeing
Positive health and wellbeing is important for both employers and employees alike, as it has serious ramifications on motivation, productivity, staff turnover and absenteeism. Companies are looking at all ventures to foster a workplace culture that supports all types of employee health, including physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. More and more businesses are offering a plethora of different support options for their employees to choose from, such as offering Employee Assistance Programmes for 1-1 counselling support, discounted gym memberships, yoga and meditation classes during lunchbreaks and having financial advisers on hand to guide on all monetary and saving decisions.

Employee experience
As we move into 2019, more and more business leaders are focusing on the value of the employee experience (EX), in parallel to the customer experience (CX). Employees now want a holistic package with a pleasant workplace, a corporate culture that is engaging and inclusive, employee perks and wellbeing initiatives. Companies are placing a huge emphasis on the entire experience their employees have with the business, right from the interview process to interactions with senior management, crisis control and of course a work / life balance. Employees can make or break a company and management know they are their greatest assets so they’re trying to optimize every touch point by encouraging open, honest communication, embracing technology to streamline processes and making sure teams are happy and see progress and development opportunities.

Professional development and training investment
With adequate reason, a lot of companies are torn when it comes to professional development and training opportunities for their teams. The double-edged sword comes into play where they obviously want their teams to be equipped with the latest knowledge, skills and trends, however are afraid they may move onto pastures elsewhere where higher-paying jobs are on offer. According to the Huffington Post, not investing in employee training is risky. This short-sighted perspective can be as dangerous to a company as they are at the peril of demotivating teams and damaging morale and reputation. If employees have progression opportunities and see a future where they can grow, they are more like to stay put and invest their time and energy into their current tenure. In addition to this, with the rise of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, having teams that are adequately skilled and in-the-know is vital and crucial. The technology revolution is evolving so rapidly, so companies need to stay abreast in order to stay relevant.

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Make it personal
Employees like to feel like they count and their efforts are noticed. They like to know they are an individual contributing to the greater whole. Companies are affording a lot of time and energy into getting their reward and recognition programmes to perfectly match the diversity of their teams. Reward and recognise achievements and milestones where people have gone the extra mile – shout it out and let the team know. The rewards on hand need to be personalized and tailored as what appeals to someone in Generation X won’t necessarily have the same weight for Generation Z, for example a London based experience day reward won’t be relevant to someone living in Scotland. Getting to know your team and what appeals to them shows they are in actual fact your priority, and when recognising them, stand up and thank them personally… there’s nothing like a personal touch!

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