Employee engagement matters to your benefits strategy

When you’ve spent time and money purchasing a health and wellbeing benefits package for your business, it’s key to get the implementation right. By making it simple for employees to access their health benefits and engaging with them clearly, you’re more likely to see a return on investment.

And the stats back it up:

98% of employers think it is important to increase understanding and engagement with benefits and/or wellbeing.

Source: AON, 2021, UK Benefits and Trends Survey

Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.

Source: Gallup, 2017, Employee Engagement Survey

59% of organisations class employee engagement as the most important objective of their benefits strategy.

Source: AON, 2021, UK Benefits and Trends Survey

To engage employees, benefits need to be accessible and visible, easy to interact with, and ideally all in one place. Some of the latest digital platforms are a great example of how an evidenced-based designed wellbeing app can drive better engagement.

The scope of wellbeing is also changing. In the same report, AON found that 98% of businesses agreed they are responsible for influencing employee health and changing behaviour. Again, this is where a digital platform has a role to play in terms of supporting the employee and providing valuable guidance. As well as offering access to medical professionals and counsellors, the app encourages employees to make more positive lifestyle changes and take ownership of their own health and wellbeing. As a result, they’re healthier and happier, and they feel more connected with, and valued by, their employer.

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