Employee education: let them know about their pension and benefits

This week is Learning at Work Week, which is the perfect opportunity to address whether you’re doing everything you can to educate employees on the workplace pension and/or employee benefits that you offer. We think it’s vital to ensure that your workforce is kept informed and engaged.

When was the last time you reviewed your employee education strategy to help recruit, reward and retain your team? Keeping your workforce is vital to the success of your business and here’s why employee education helps achieve this:

Why educate?
Evidence suggests that employees are more satisfied with their jobs and perform better when they are engaged in the workplace*. Involving them in the opportunity to get the most out of what you offer them can notably boost this engagement.

Your staff will appreciate it if they are made to feel that they are worth good quality communication and education. They will value the fact that you’ve invested time and attention into educating them.

You might find that your employees aren’t aware of some of the benefits that you offer. To make the most of the benefits you offer, be sure that your staff know what’s available to them.

Helping your staff to know everything they can about what they receive will help them to make informed decisions in their personal life.

Offering good education can encourage your employees to see your company as one which they can rely on; one that cares about the individual workers beyond the necessity to meet workplace demands.

How to educate
Tailor information to your employees – where are they in their work life journey? This could be achieved through regular email communications and updates, for example. Doing this ensures consistent engagement between your employees and their benefit schemes.

When it comes to their workplace pension, remain clear and transparent about the contribution arrangement, so that employees are completely sure where their salaries are going.

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Consider introducing educational workshops and seminars. Through this, your team can find the opportunity to ask any questions and voice concerns which they might have, and have them answered face-to-face.

Provide your workforce with engaging literature that not only speaks to them in an easy to understand way, but also gives information that they can digest at their leisure.