Electric vehicle adoption: Overcoming the barriers

This full, comprehensive walk through will helps you build a business case for electric vehicles, and overcome the often-misunderstood barriers of adopting them as part of your fleet.

Organisations and employees who are prepared to make the change to driving electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to save some serious cash. That’s thanks to the fast pace of technological change, significantly lower electricity costs and advantageous tax breaks.

Yet cost, range, choice, charging and performance are all common causes of electric vehicle anxiety.  We’ve developed a comprehensive guide to help you overcome these challenges and be better informed when you make the choice to incorporate electric vehicles as part of your fleet.

You can find a link to each chapter below.

Part 1: Overcoming Electric Vehicle Adoption: Cost

Part 2: Overcoming Electric Vehicle Adoption: Range

Part 3: Overcoming Electric Vehicle Adoption: Choice

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Part 4: Overcoming Electric Vehicle Adoption: Charging

Part 5: Overcoming Electric Vehicle Adoption: Performance