Earn more than $92,000 as an online gamer

online gamer earn Something for the weekend: Each year, more and more video game enthusiasts try to build a career out of creating their own streaming channels.

As a result, accounting software and financial technology business Tipalti analysed the streaming landscape of mid-2023 to reveal the highest-earning gamers and highlight just how much a gamer could earn online. If you’re looking for a career change, or know someone who didn’t get the exam results they needed, then read on.

Tipalti first took the top 250 most popular streamers of May 2023 according to TwitchMetrics and used Influencer Marketing Hub’s Twitch Money Calculator to find out how much each streamer could make from sponsorships per video on the platform. It then used Influencer Marketing Hub’s other money calculators for the YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram accounts of the top 100 streamers, and combined these figures into an overall sum.

Topping the ranks is AuronPlay, who has 18.8 million Instagram followers and 15.2 million fans on Twitch. He could potentially earn almost $50,000 (£39,204) per Instagram post and more than $92,000 (£72,135) in sponsorship fees from a single post across the four major social platforms.

In second place is El Rubis, who has 17.7 million Instagram followers. He could earn a potential $46,984 (£36,839) per post, while a single sponsored post across Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube is estimated to be worth around $89,900 (£70,489).

The streamer who could earn the most from a single sponsored video on Twitch is xQc, a former professional Overwatch player for e-sports teams Dallas Fuel and Team Canada, with potential earnings of up to $16,088 (£12,614) per post.

A Tipalti spokesperson said: “We wanted to analyse the streaming landscape in 2023, looking at the most successful streamers and the top games for streaming. We also took the most popular games for streaming for 2023 from TwitchStats and collected their average viewers, most viewers, average channels, most channels, and total streamers so far this year.”

With potential earnings that high, we at Employee Benefits think a career as a gamer is not to be sniffed at! It would definitely boost your wellbeing to be doing something you love.