Each Person Launches In Seven Countries: An Opportunity For Multinational Companies

Each Person is proud to announce that we have launched our services in seven new countries. This includes Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and France. Each Person embarked on this new venture due to the huge demand and overwhelming popularity of the platform. We are delighted to have expanded to new heights to provide our employee rewards and recognition services to international and multinational companies.

What Does This Mean for Multinational And International Companies?

Our new international launch has enabled users to shop on Epoints using their native currency. This allows the management of employees from different countries. This means employers can reward their people even if they have a multinational company.

Employers operating in the seven new countries can now recognise and reward their employees irrespective of their location. This is an exciting feature that enables a more inclusive remote work environment. 

Why Is Supporting Multinational Companies Important? 

We believe that showing your people you care is key to employee wellbeing, staff morale and business success in general. 66% of employees claimed that they would seek other employment if they did not feel appreciated in their current job. In addition, companies with a recognition-rich culture had a 31% lower staff turnover.

Enabling countries around the world to use our services is now more important than ever. Since the pandemic, millions of people have been working from home. More companies than ever do not require their employees to be in a fixed location. This means multinational recruitment is on the rise. Though your team might be far apart, a great way to unite them virtually is to use a recognition system.

Each Person enables employees to send Ecards to say thank you for your hard work, wish someone a happy birthday or something just for fun. Ecards are a quick and paperless way to show your people that you are thinking of them. 

The Each Person platform also provides a ‘nominations’ service. Through Each Person nominations, employers can run awards events without the hassle. The platform eliminates the physical barrier between international employees and allows everyone to get involved. This will help create an inclusive and united team. This is essential to staff satisfaction in a remote and hybrid working world. 

An Exciting Step For Each Person

The launch to new countries provides an opportunity not just for the countries listed but for the rest of the world too. Each Person always looks for new opportunities to grow and benefit as many businesses as possible. And we are committed to saving people money while also saving the planet.

The climate crisis is a global issue predicted to affect everyone. Through our partnership with Carbon Footprint, we plant a tree for every person who signs up with us. Our platform also has a ‘donate page’ whereby users can donate their Epoints to plant trees. As an eco company, we believe that planting trees is essential in combating climate change. It provides an opportunity to offsetting international carbon emissions.

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