Domino’s hunts for carb connoisseur to taste test garlic bread for $30 per hour

Something for the weekend: Pizza restaurant and delivery chain Domino’s Pizza Enterprises is on the hunt for a garlic bread aficionado to spend a day sampling products at the organisation’s headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.

The job advertisement, posted on LinkedIn on 24 September 2019, asks for carb-obsessed candidates who are well equipped, with at least five years of experience in garlic bread consumption, an enthusiasm for providing food critiques, solicited or otherwise, and burnt fingers resulting from their impatience to tuck in straight from the oven.

The lucky loaf-lover will be paid $30 (£16.45) per hour for a day (7.5 hours) of work at the Brisbane headquarters, during which time they will be expected to not only gorge on garlicky goodness, but also taste test other products, as well as providing feedback.

The ideal applicant will also have a strong base knowledge of the relationship between pizza and garlic bread, as well as the ideal ‘crunch to softness ratio’.

In a controversial move that shows that health is a priority above diversity and inclusion for this role, Domino’s has made it clear that vampires need not apply.

Candidates have been asked to prove they are upper crust via either a 300-word statement or a 30-second video. Applications close on 7 October 2019.

Domino’s has stated that it will provide return domestic flights if the successful applicant is not within driving distance, and one night’s accommodation if same-day flights are not available.

Here at Employee Benefits, we would love to get a slice of the action, if only we were based in Australia. We think this is a great excuse to load up on carbs while making some dough on the side…